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Escrito por Wellington Santana Guimarães   
Qua, 03 de Setembro de 2008 12:43

Watch the Congresses Live by the Internet

This is the LINK the Portal Latin Science (www.latinscience.org) ) is making available. This will enable the users to watch live transmissions of congress (in several areas) around the globe by the Internet through a wide-band (G3 or similar). This will happen in the very near future, September-October/2008.

Any academic or research institution of any Latin American country interested in having the Portal Latin Science as a partner, please keep in contact with the President. All the effort will be made to hasten up the process. For some time later, a few of these speeches  and classes will be available as videos for posterior analysis and following, for those who could not watch the event at the exact moment it happened. The invitation is also extended to those event organizers that wished the visibility and worldwide knowledge.

Take into consideration that several cameras can be available online for different speeches happening at the same time.

Any user having an Internet with wide-band (512 kb or better ) connection will be enough.

At the first moment it will be posted here and made available free of charge for anyone, and after the period of test it will be charged a very small fee for those that could not be present but wished to be updated with the happenings. Notice that a TV set can be available in universities halls or in classroom for students to follow closely the congresses of their interests. It does not matter where it happens, what it is being said and who is watching! Everybody can follow very closely. This is the advantages of the new technologies available!

The annals of the congresses will be published in the proper journals of the Portal Latin Science, in one of the following languages: Portuguese, English, French and Spanish. It will will published in the language originally written, but always with Abstracts in these 4 languages. The first journals with such destination will be:

Anais de Congressos das Ciências Humanas

Anais de Congressos das Ciências Socialmente Aplicáveis

Anais de Congressos das Linguagens e Artes

Anais de Congressos das Ciências Matemáticas e Natutais

Anais de Congressos das Engenharias e Computação

Anais de Congressos das Ciências Médicas e da Saúde

Anais de Congressos das Ciências Biológicas

Anais de Congressos das Ciências Agronômicas e Veterinárias

Each one of these journals have a fixed periodicity. However, abstracts will be available as soon as the Congress is happening.

Any other institution that publishes annals of congresss already and would like to have their journals put together in a wider scientific community is very welcome.

Salvador, Bahia, December 20th, 2008,

Prof Dr Dionísio Carmo-Neto

Presidente do Corpo Editorial

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